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Boss International Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Boss"), founded in 2005, is an innovative enterprise committed to expanding the global supply chain system. It has the NVOCC qualification (GD202108183653) and FMC qualification (030986) of the first-class shipless carrier. At present, the contracted shipping companies include COSCO, ZIM, CUL, EMC, CMA, etc., covering international air transportation, international shipping, international express, import and export customs declaration At the same time, in order to meet the needs of e-commerce customers, the company also opened overseas warehouses, overseas warehouse maintenance, import bonded warehouse maintenance, factory repair, etc. The company continuously integrates international transportation resources, port customs clearance, overseas warehousing services and other advantageous resources, and is committed to providing safe, fast and convenient one-stop logistics services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises and foreign trade enterprises around the world.

After 17 years of development, Shopkeeper Logistics has now developed into a comprehensive cross-border logistics service platform with multi-route development, serving more than 20000 customers in total, opening international transportation lines in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan, and comprehensively meeting customers' needs with diversified schemes such as FBA first journey, international air transport, multimodal transport, etc. The routes are mature and stable, the positions are good, the prices are good, the customs clearance speed is fast, the whole process is operated independently, the control is strong, and the quality delivery service of the last kilometer is guaranteed, which has won the unanimous praise of the majority of customers.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of Amazon bulk sellers and Wayfair bulk sellers, shopkeeper logistics also focused on the global layout, and established overseas warehouses and overseas branches in Los Angeles (5000 square meters), Germany (5000 square meters), Aden (5000 square meters) and Bremen (10000 square meters), respectively, with a storage area of 25000 square meters. The functions of overseas companies include customs clearance in the destination country, final express delivery and truck delivery, one-piece consignment, return Large cargo transshipment, in-warehouse maintenance and other businesses, and the establishment of a German-centered truck delivery network, in which the German company is the designated supplier of Amazon, JD and SF.

Brand Profile
Brand Interpretation

Brand Interpretation

"Boss" is a common name for shop owners in ancient China. As the name implies, the person who holds the shopkeeper's desk generally refers to the manager of the shop, that is, the person in charge of the money in the shop.

Interestingly, the shopkeeper is not only a kind of address, but also a corresponding physical object. For example, the big shopkeeper in the Qing Dynasty evolved from the official suitcase in the Ming Dynasty. There are boxes and drawers that are convenient for storing property inside, handles that are convenient for handling outside, and corners on the base, which further increases the stability of this practical utensil. The chief shopkeeper has witnessed the development history of modern commerce in China, and has also spread the name "shopkeeper" to this day.

Shopkeeper International Logistics, under this name, not only has the meaning of serving the shopkeepers of major enterprises, helping enterprises to become bigger and stronger, reaching the world, and taking control of the world, but also implies that the brand is as convenient, safe, stable and reliable as the physical "shopkeeper", which is a symbol of wealth, wealth and stability.

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Be sincere and do things with ingenuity. 17 years ago, he did not know that this simple and simple life rule would support him to create a vast world in the cross-border logistics industry, help many enterprise e-commerce to go global and shine in the international trade arena.

He was born in a single-parent family and practiced martial arts since childhood. He has developed an independent, strong and courageous character under the tempering of life. In 2005, when his peers were still dependent on their parents and elders, he had the idea of starting a business. At first, he just wanted to have some time at his disposal, be honest and do things down-to-earth, change the fate of small families through his own efforts, and lead the family out of the fate of generations of farming.

With this simple dream, Huajie Freight, the predecessor of shopkeeper logistics, was officially founded. In the company's business development, the team led by Yu Jianhua has always adhered to the belief of "being a man with sincerity and doing things with ingenuity", thinking about what customers think and what customers are anxious about, sincerely waiting, and fully completing every order.

In this way, after 17 years of development, the founder has made a breakthrough in the field of international logistics. The original small company has developed into a large scale enterprise, covering international air transport, international shipping, international express, import and export customs declaration, overseas warehouse services, etc., serving more than 20000 enterprise customers in total.
The stronger the ability, the greater the responsibility. Looking at his achievements from scratch, he felt proud and moved in his heart, but more importantly, he was a heavy responsibility. He should not only be responsible for customers and deliver every order safely and without worry, but also be responsible for the enterprise and employees. He should lead everyone to change their fate and constantly move towards a better life, and continue to pass on the idea of "being a man with sincerity and doing things with ingenuity", Contribute a solid and reliable force to the country and society.

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